【AV034】Bomgogo 37mm Variable ND2-400 Neutral Density Filter

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The Bomgogo 37mm Variable ND2-400 Neutral Density Filter use is perfect for out and about adventurers. It creates longer exposure shots and slower shutter speeds that are great for quick motion photography

The special point about the ND2-400 filter is that it is easily adjustable by rotating the filter. It can reduce exposure by up to 9 stops!

    • Recommended to go with the Govision L6 Lens
    • Suitable for bright light shooting, increasing contrast and cutting down on brightness, making your photos easier to view under bright light.
    • Suitable for dynamic shooting as it reduces the visibility of moving objects and adds motion blur to subjects. Extended time exposures are great for shooting water movement and traffic flow.
    • Easily compatible with your iPhone/ Samsung/HTC/ Sony/ other smartphones.
    • 37mm diameter (Ø37) lens with metal thread design, rotating for precision, and easy to install