【AV012】Bomgogo 58mm Variable CPL Filter Lens / for DSLR or Govision L3 Wide-angle Lens use

$19.99 USD

  • Recommended to go with: (1)Govision L3 wide-angle lens for your phone. (2)Use adapter ring 37mm to 58mm for your phone. (3)Directly use with your 58mm thread DSLR.
  • Reduce light reflection / increase color saturation: It can reduce glare or reflection on highly reflective surfaces.
  • To prevent the over-exposure: It can reduce the light rate under the normal color reproduction
  • 360-degree rotatable filter design: Rotate the front lens ring to adjust the angle of light to achieve the best effect of your pictures.
  • The product includes a CPL Filter (58mm) and hard storage case.

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