【AV043】Govision L4 Macro Lens Kit

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*Compatible with all major smartphone brands, for both single and dual camera models.

Most phone cameras are not capable of extreme closeups because the quality is simply not high enough. But with the Govision L4 Macro Lens Kit you can be sure that your macro photography will show great detail and without distortion.

The Govision L4 Macro Lens Kit has much higher quality than the macro lenses that are part of our Govision L3/L5/L6 series. Not only does it come with a 1-1.5x macro lens, but we also add the 10x close-up filter, which will enlarge your image to give it that "zoom-in" effect.
  • Package contents: Macro Lens *1, 37mm Close-up Filter *1, Universal Clip *1, 37mm Lens Cap*1, Hand Strap*1, Pouch*1, Cleaning Cloth*1

Easily compatible with the following Bomgogo Filter Lens Kits: 37mm Slim CPL, 37mm Slim ND8, 37mm Slim 6-Point Star Cross