【AV062】Govision CF2 Filter Lens Kit 52mm (use with L4/L5/L6/L7)

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No need to carry a heavy camera around with the Bomgogo Govision CF2 Filter Lens Kit (52mm). we provide 4 different filters, to give your photographs that extra WOW factor!

Our lens has anti-reflective glass, so you can be sure all your pictures will be glare-free, for the ultimate professional pictures. We will also provide you with a 37mm universal long clip and a 37mm to 52mm adapter ring for maximum compatibility with a wide range of devices.

  • Ultra-thin Lens 4 filters (CPL, ND1000, ND8, Star+6 filter) for cellphone camera use.
  • Compatible with iPhone/ Samsung/ HTC/ ASUS/ pad...etc.
  • Package contents: Step-up Adapter Ring (37mm to 52mm) *1, Lens Cover *1, Nine pocket filter wallet *1, Cleaning Cloth*1, 37mm Lens Clip*1, Backup Plate*1, CPL*1, ND1000*1, ND8*1, Star+6*1

 See below for more information about the lenses and filters.