Bomgogo ND8 Filter Lens

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The Bomgogo 58mm ND8 Filter Lens is perfect for out and about adventurers. Whether you prefer to be at one with nature or enjoy shooting night scenes in the city, the ND8 Filter will give you the results that you're looking for. 

The Neutral Density Filter creates longer exposure shots and slower shutter speeds that are great for quick motion photography. You'll be able to capture that fox running through the field or the rush hour traffic in a way that looks exciting and dynamic.

        • Suitable for bright light shooting, increasing contrast and cutting down on brightness, making your photos easier to view under bright light.
        • Suitable for dynamic shooting as it reduces the visibility of moving objects and adds motion blur to subjects. Extended time exposures are great for shooting water movement and traffic flow.
        • Choose from 3 different sizes!
        • 37mm product recommended to go with: Govision L6 wide-angle lens for your phone
        • 52mm product recommended to go with: (1)Govision L5 wide-angle lens for your phone. (2)Use adapter ring 37mm to 52mm for your phone. (3)Directly use with your 52mm thread DSLR.
        • 58mm product recommended to go with: (1)Govision L3 wide-angle lens for your phone. (2)Use adapter ring 37mm to 58mm for your phone. (3)Directly use with your 58mm thread DSLR.
        • Easily compatible with your iPhone/ Samsung/HTC/ Sony/ other smartphones.(Available only in the USA and Canada)